JULY 23,24,25 2021



JULY 23,24,25 2021

Happy State Bank Level 6 Junior Open  June 12,13, 2021


Registration is open for the Happy State Bank Fredericksburg USTA Level 6 tournament (2 day event) June 12,13 2021.  It will be held in Fredericksburg and HEB Kerrville courts. Level 6 tournaments are generally for players who have had some success in Level 7 tournaments or have significant tournament experience.   Matches will be no ad, best two of three (two full sets plus, if applicable, a 10 point match tiebreaker in lieu of a third set).  Draws will either be a compass draw, feed in consolation or round robin.  Draw size is limited to 16 participants for each division.  Please see notes above about registering with the USTA if you are unfamiliar with the registration process.  Click on the link below to register for this tournament (on USTA website).    

HOW TO SIGN UP WITH USTA:  Level 7 is a one day event, so if the first match starts on Saturday the draw will have to finish on Saturday. It is also the lowest type of tournament a player can play in. Players are selected by "bottom up" so players that do not have a ranking in the USTA Rankings list will be selected over the players that have a ranking.


In order to start registering your children for tournaments you will have to do a few things.


  1. Create an account under your name. This will be the PARENT account.

  2. Add your Child to your account.

  3. Add a Junior Membership to your child.

  4. Start registering for tournaments.


Start by creating your USTA account. Visit and select SIGN UP on the top right of the page. Here you will be asked to put in some information to start your account. Make sure you will out your own information as the parent for this part. (Children under the age of 13 cannot have their own USTA account and must be listed under a parent)


Once you have your account and are logged in on the USTA website please follow the steps in this article to add your child to your account.  



To add the membership to your child, visit the family section of your profile. Navigate down the page and located on the right side is an 'UPGRADE' button. You will need to click through a few pages and go through checkout. The junior membership costs $0.00 so you don't need to worry about a fee. You can also navigate to the shopping cart on the top right of the USTA page and select 'find a product' and find the junior membership.


Once you have the confirmation for the junior membership, please follow the directions in this article to register for tournaments:



If any part of this is unclear or you need some extra help feel free to reach out to our Customer Care line to have an agent assist you.


Give USTA a call: 1-800-990-8782

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 9 PM ET

Saturday - Sunday: 10 - 6 PM ET


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